Greetings, Fellow Students

23 Feb

This is the new site for the Nekomimi Studios productions, qll work will be updated here, along with the random posting.


  • Keep posts rated teen, Underwear may be shown(No real pictures, anime is fine to a point, and 3d models) but that’s the most allowed.
  • No porn or adult jokes, seriously guys, I know it may be hilarious, but this isn’t the place for it.
  • No swearing, words that are normally swears may be used when it’s being used technical.(E.X. Hell is a place in this sentence.) That is allowed, but not things like (E.X. What the hell!?)
  • Do not deceive, argue with, or insult other users, simply do not troll.
  • You are allowed to post personal information concerning sex, age, first name, country/state of residence, and e-mails. I am not responsible for anything that happens.
  • Posts with links will be checked to see if it is inappropriate, broken, malicious software, or if it is blocked by iBoss.
  • Hacking or posting malicious software is not allowed, and will result in a block of the poster.
  • Keep positive if possible, I don’t care about your suicide notes or your break-up stories.
  • Have fun.